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Big Girls Rock

Our Mission Statement:

To promote positivity, showcase beauty, and acknowledge a species of beautiful, intelligent, and dominant plus sized women.

Promoting Positivity:

This community of women was created to provide a more positive outlook on the lives of plus sized women. We want our ladies to understand that it is okay to love themselves no matter how they look, and to make them aware that beauty goes way beyond within. In no way are we trying to promote obesity. It is more of a celebration of learning to accept who we are at this moment.

Showcase Beauty:

Beauty is not limited to model sized women. Everyone in this world is beautiful and our goal is to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure our ladies remember that. When most people see plus sized women they think that we are sad, depressed, uncomfortable, and hungry, with a low self-esteem. a big girl who rocks is the total opposite of that. Even though there are some girls out there who look at themselves and tarnish their self esteems, BGR is here to lend a helping hand and to support them in a more positive way. We are the alternative to the images that media tries to depict as "beautiful".

Acknowledge Our Species:

No matter how the world wants to deal with us, plus sized people are here to stay. some of us are happy with ourselves, and some others need to re-evaluate their lives, work on their character and try to build some security. We all need to be secure and satisfied with ourselves in order to be completely content. If a fellow BGR member or anyone is not happy with themselves, we encourage them to change the flaw. Our Big Girls who Rock love the skin their in, they appreciate the support of BGR as a whole recieves, and we all love and respect one another to the highest ability. "Big" comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, and we accept them all into BGR, plus more. At the end of the day, its all about accepting yourself, and becoming content with the person you have grown to be, inside and out.


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